The DARK AGES, page 4

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#16  the DeHavilland Coupe
Most Eleven "coupes" were standard cars modified in the early 60s for production GT car racing in the UK.   Apart from these often grotesque homebuilts was one refined and proper Eleven GT.   Meet what was once called the DeHavilland Coupe
#17   the Lotus 17
The 17 was introduced in 1959 to replace the Eleven but a horrible first season doomed it to a footnote in racing history.  It is best known today as a failure, but this summary tries to be fair.
#18  Headfairings


One of the distinctive features of the Eleven LeMans is its headfaring. For a brief history of integral, clip-on and other headfairings on the Eleven, click here.

#19   the Sports class
The 1172cc Ford-powered Sport models were popular in the UK and elsewhere in a racing class they soon utterly dominated.  Graham Hill (photo) got his start in one of these. A volunteer is needed to write about this series.
#20   homologating the Club
The Eleven Club proved to be a hard sell in the USA but Lotus kept shipping them over anyway. A breakthrough came when the SCCA was persuaded to classify the Club as a production car and allow it to race against the Triumphs and MGs of the day. Then two Clubs driven by Lotus agents/racers J.C. Kilburn and Jay Chamberlain proceeded to crush and enrage their opposition. After only a few races the SCCA reversed its decision. Kilburn later said that their mistake had been in driving too fast.


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