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The LOTUS ELEVEN was a racing/sports car produced from 1956 to 1958 by Lotus Engineering in London, England. A synthesis of ideas and proven concepts from earlier Lotus competition cars, it incorporated the latest in aerodynamic theory, engine, suspension and brake technology. The Eleven became the most prolific racing car of its time and for several years dominated its class throughout the world. Over two hundred Elevens have survived and are prized by their owners as examples of the ultimate lightweight, front-engine, road-going race car.

Design and Production

Racing Success

The Dark Ages        

Rescue and Restoration



This is the website of the Lotus Eleven Register which exists for the identification and preservation of authentic Lotus Elevens and as a starting point for historic research.  To comment or contribute information please contact the site editor via the link below.  For more information on other classic Lotus racing cars contact the Historic Lotus Register at its website.                                



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