The DARK AGES, page 5

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#21   front suspensions
The front swing-axle of the Series 1 Eleven WAS archaic, but a work of inspiration considering the solid I-beam parts it was derived from (at left).  In contrast the Series 2 front suspension was an advanced, clean-sheet design. A technical and performance comparison will soon appear here. 
#22   the Singapore Eleven
Every Lotus Eleven has a history, and this Lotus has had several.  But the true story of #168 is even more exotic than what was claimed for it. Probably no other Eleven has been around the world as often as this one, but its real identity was nearly lost along the way.  Click here to read how truth triumphed over confusion.
#23   the 1st Monza car
(Revision coming.) An enduring mystery exists on the current whereabouts of the S-1 Monza record-breaker car of Stirling Moss and Mac Fraser.  To see how difficult it can be to trace a car like this, click here, and see what the 'experts' go through. 
#24   the 2nd Monza Car
Lotus returned to Monza in 1957 with a series 2 Eleven powered by a supercharged Climax FWA. Cliff Allison drove the car to new record speeds, but afterwards the car sat in the doldrums outside the shop in Hornsey (left).  This Eleven was finally sold to Ken Lyon in 1959 and raced for two seasons in the UK.  He has written an article with photos for you to read. Click here.
#25  future research
If a certain Lotus Eleven car or topic intrigues you, let the Lotus Eleven Register know about it.