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#11   SU common float
One item fitted to many Elevens when new but missing from nearly all today was the SU common float chamber positioned between the carbs.  The Eleven even had a small bracket on the upper frame to mount it (foam air filters not standard).  For a brief on what it was and why it isn't anymore click here. 
#12   the Lotus 12
Engineered like an Eleven on a starvation diet, the Lotus 12 was built for Grand Prix Formula 2.  It marked the beginning and the end for different design features of the Eleven.  It also took brave men to drive it.   Click here for a brief review.
#13   the Series 2
For superstitious reasons there was no Lotus 13. Between the 12 and the 14 (Elite) there was a major update to the Eleven called the Series 2.   The S-2 had many advances over the original Eleven and with its 12 front suspension the handling was even better. Oddly, of the 120 or so Eleven S-2 cars built only three had the Climax FPF twincam engine it was designed for.
#14   the Ghia-Aigle Eleven
As a styling exercise, in 1957 Swiss Ghia bought a chassis from Lotus and quickly transformed it into a 'civilized' road car.  It held center stage in car shows in both coupe and roadster forms. 

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#15   windscreens
Various types of windscreens were fitted to Elevens for single and two-seat configuration, and road or track use.  For a brief, pictorial overview of the subject, click here.


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