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Some Elevens that today seem lost in the mists of history were once surrounded by crowds.  Answers were free for the asking.  This interactive section of the LOTUS ELEVEN SITE attempts to throw light on particular Elevens and moments of their fame.  Some technical obscurities are probed too. Send your questions and information to the Site Editor.  

Meet the rest of us halfway and supply as much of the Who, What, Where, When and Why as possible. 

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#1  Odd engines
This mystery Eleven, powered by an OSCA engine, was photographed at Lime Rock in 1957.  Either as experiments or as economic solutions, some obscure powerplants found their way into several Elevens. The survey of these cars keeps getting bigger. Stay tuned. 
#2 Full Road Trim
This Eleven Club was occasionally seen on the streets of New York in the late 1950s.  It was white with a single blue stripe  and equipped for street use with a hood, wipers and side curtains.  

Does anyone remember this car?

If you have information or additional photos, please contact the site editor.

#3  the Lotus/Valiant

Click here to read about the fastest Eleven ever built.  It was fitted with a Valiant slant-6 engine by a group of Chrysler factory engineers, using the engine as stressed member. Even Colin Chapman was impressed.  Top speed was over 170mph.

#4  the first Lotus GT

Lotus engineer Gilbert 'Mac' McIntosh was given an Eleven as compensation for his efforts and turned it into the first enclosed Lotus.  In this exclusive story, 'Mac' describes the design & process of making a more civilized GT car out of a sports/racer.   Read about it here.
#5  Wotus Bwossom


A goal of the Lotus Eleven Register is to compile an historic record on every Eleven built.  This is an example of a vehicle record in the database.  It is the story of an Eleven with a difference -- it always had a name.  Read more about the Wotus Bwossom.



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