The DARK AGES, page 2

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#6   the first Eleven
HLR founder and Lotus expert Victor Thomas spent decades searching for the very first Lotus Eleven chassis, and wrote several articles about it along the way.  An update on what he found is being written.      
#7   the Press Car
                                                                                 Perhaps the most photographed Eleven was the one Colin Chapman rolled out for the press debut in February 1956.  Chassis #151, a car that has since been lost, may have also been the worst Eleven ever built.  Click here for its brief history.
#8   the Debut Car
Chassis #156 was shipped to Sebring in 1956 to give the new Lotus Eleven its competition debut.  This car was built to win the race, with speed secrets not fully understood for another forty two years.  But it all ended in flames after a spectacular crash.  Click here for an inside look. 
#9   XAR 11's
The registration number XAR 11 appeared on numerous Elevens raced by the Lotus factory at Sebring, LeMans, rallies and other events. Brett Johnson tells us more in his report
#10   Lotus/Maserati
From early in 1956, several Elevens were fitted with Maserati engines.  And the Maserati factory even bought an Eleven to study its chassis design. Look for the upcoming report on these hybrids.

Photo: Al Momo warms-up the Cunningham Maserati/Momo/Lotus (rebuilt from  #156).


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