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The Story of Lotus                                             1947–1960 The Birth Of A Legend

 by Ian H. Smith


Published 1970 by Robert Bentley, Inc. Cambridge, MA USA            Library of Congress Catalog Card No. SBN 8376-0048-0

The Story of Lotus, 1947-1960, is based on Ian Smith’s earlier work, Lotus – The Story of the Marque, but contains many revisions and includes important additional material relevant to this period of Lotus history.

The late Gregor Grant contributed an additional chapter, based on his experiences with a Lotus 11 in the 1957 Mille Miglia, shortly before his tragic death in 1969. (excerpt from the Preface).

Good news for the historian/ researcher is the appearance of a Table of Contents, an Index, and a series of "cutaway" car drawings.

As a bonus a very neat section 'Lotus Line-up 1947-1960' featuring an pen & ink sketch and a thumbnail description of each model – from the Mk 1 through the Type 19.

Although this famous “green book” is out of print, there were several printings making this one of the most widely distributed books on Lotus

This should be considered a “must have” book for anyone interested in early Lotuses.

-- Pat Dennis


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