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Technical Articles written in the HLR newsletter 1975-2014
by Victor Thomas


Having just completed reading this presentation, there are two immediate thoughts: the first, it seems hard to believe that 40+ years has gone by, and next is, I believe we would be hard pressed to find another person that has researched, analyzed, and written more about Lotus Elevens than Vic Thomas, author of the majority of the articles in this manuscript.

The book is, as the title says, composed of articles that have been published in HLR newsletters/magazines over the past 40 years. The nice aspect for people researching various topics is it consolidates and indexes these articles, eliminating searching through stacks of old HLR magazines. Long term members will find themselves familiar with fairly current topics and be able to recollect the older ones.

All others will be amazed at the thoughts and details presented on various mechanical, historical, and individual car topics. Victor's talent is in being a very thoughtful, thorough, detailed writer. His explanations on the mechanical and historical aspects of Elevens are very detailed yet easy to follow and understand.

Both Victor and Jay Sloane, in their introductions, alert the reader that many of these topics were written years ago and based on knowledge at the time of being written. What usually happened is an article spurs additional information to come forward which had an impact on the details of what had been written. This has to be remembered when reading many of these older articles. Knowledge of Eleven history is ever changing and today, multiplying at rates we never thought possible in the '70's.

So, whether you are a long time Eleven owner, a longtime admirer of Lotus Elevens, or have a newer interest in Lotus Elevens, you will enjoy reading this book. It is full of so much information that it will make you wonder how all of it was ever accumulated. "Technical Articles written in the HLR newsletter 1975-2014" is a most valued addition for any person interested in Lotus Elevens to obtain.

-- Russ Hoenig

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